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Report on the 145th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

At the 145th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, held on June 25, 2021, important matters were reported and resolved as follows.

Shareholders' Meeting01
Shareholders' Meeting02

Matters Reported

Business Report, Consolidated Financial Statements and Non-consolidated Financial Statements for the 145th term (from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021), as well as the results of the audit of Consolidated Financial Statements by the Accounting Auditors and Board of Auditors.

For more details regarding the items listed above, please refer to the following two documents.

Matters Resolved

Item 1: Election of Eight (9) Directors

The following 8 directors were appointed in accordance with the Company’s original proposal:

  • Michihiro Kitazawa
  • Kenzo Sugai
  • Toshihito Tanba
  • Naoomi Tachikawa
  • Yoshitsugu Hayashi
  • Michio Abe
  • Masatsugu Tomotaka
  • Junichi Arai
  • Shiro Kondo

Further, Toshihito Tanba, Naoomi Tachikawa and Yoshitsugu Hayashi are all outside directors in accordance with article 2-15 of the Companies Act of Japan.


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