About Fuji Electric
Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission

We, Fuji Electric, pledge as responsible corporate citizens in a global society to
strengthen our trust with communities, customers and partners.
Our mission is to:

Contribute to prosperity
Encourage creativity
Seek harmony with the environment

To be enthusiastic, ambitious and sensitive.

Enthusiasm  - The eagerness to contribute to society by creating new technologies and product
Ambition  - The determination and spirit to set high goals and continuously pursue them
Sensitivity - The kindness to appreciate and care for our customers, colleagues and families

Management Policies

1. Through our innovation in energy and environment technology, we contribute to the creation of a responsible and sustainable society.
2. Achieve further growth through our global business expansion.
3. Maximize our strengths as a team, respecting employees’ diverse ambition.

Fuji Electric Code of Conduct

1. Respect and value all people
2. Respect and value our customers
3. Respect and value our business partners
4. Respect and value our shareholders and investors
5. Respect and value the global environment
6. Respect and value interaction with society
7. Make global compliance a top priority
 7-1 Thorough compliance
 7-2 Thorough risk management
8. Top management will thoroughly practice this standard
Brand Statement
Innovating Energy Technology
Brand Promise
Through our pursuit of innovation in electric and thermal energy technology,
we develop products that maximize energy efficiency and lead to
a responsible and sustainable society.