About Fuji Electric
Corporate Code of Conduct

Fuji Electric and our employees, in our corporate philosophy state that we, "pledge as responsible corporate citizens in a global society to strengthen our trust with communities, customers and partners, and fulfill our mission in good faith," and through all corporate activities we will "contribute to prosperity," "encourage creativity," "seek harmony with the environment," while also contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In order to practice our corporate philosophy to fulfill social responsibility and act with high ethical standards while understanding and complying with relevant laws, regulations, international rules and the spirit of such regulations and rules, both domestically and abroad, Fuji Electric and its employees have defined this code as a foundation for decision-making and behavior.


1.Respect and value all people

Fuji Electric and its employees respect human rights in their relationships within all corporate activities. In addition, we will promote the activities of diverse human resources, and strive to create a workplace that takes health and safety into consideration, with each employee having a rewarding job.

  • We will conduct human rights due diligence to recognize, prevent, and deal with adverse human rights harm based on international human rights regulations such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

  • We will build human resources and handling systems that enable employment and performance of diverse human resources, and strengthen human resource training to achieve development for each employee and the full potential of teams.

  • We put top priority on employee health and safety, and strive to create an efficient and comfortable work environment.

2.Respect and value our customers

Fuji Electric and its employees will strive to improve customer satisfaction by expanding business globally and providing safe, secure, and reliable products and services that make full use of energy and environmental technologies.

  • We will promote technology development and manufacturing that meet the needs of our customers, and provides safe, reliable, high-quality products and services with "all our strength."

  • We will respond to our customers in good faith and reflect their feedback in improvements to products and services.

Voluntary Action Plan for Product Safety

3.Respect and value our business partners

Fuji Electric and its employees, along with business partners, will promote procurement activities aimed at establishing fair and equitable transactions and a supply chain that supports a sustainable society.

  • Through fair and equitable transactions, we will build better partnerships, deepen mutual understanding, and strive to maintain and improve cooperative relationships.

  • We seek suppliers globally that are highly competitive in terms of quality, price, turnaround, and service, and that consider sustainability in terms of the environment, society, and governance.

4.Respect and value our shareholders and investors

Fuji Electric and its employees will deepen mutual understanding and trust by promoting honest and active information disclosure and constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors.

  • Financial information will be provided that is useful to shareholders and investors, and non-financial information such as environmental, societal and governance, in a timely and fair manner, and in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and the company's fair disclosure policy.

  • Constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors will be conducted through financial results briefings and small meetings, and information obtained from such dialogue will be shared as feedback with executives and relevant departments.

5.Respect and value the global environment

Fuji Electric and its employees will, according to the Fuji Electric Environmental Protection Basic Policy, proactively and actively tackle global environmental issues in all corporate activities and contribute to the realization of a low carbon, recycling society that is in harmony with nature.

  • With the aim of achieving a low carbon society, we will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our own production activities and, by providing products and services to customers that help prevent global warming, we will contribute to the reduction of CO2 in society.

  • With the aim of achieving a recycling-oriented society, we will strive to reduce our environmental impact throughout our supply chain, and promote waste reduction during production with efficient use of water and the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

  • With the aim of achieving a society in harmony with nature, we will promote activities that contribute to conservation of biodiversity through our corporate activities.

Basic Polices on Environmental Protection

6.Respect and value interaction with society

Fuji Electric and its employees, as good corporate citizens, actively participate in communities, communicate with local stakeholders, and contribute to their development through collaboration.

  • We will strive to understand social circumstances in each country and region, and gain mutual trust with our stakeholders through communication.

  • We will work with local communities, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders in communities in an effort to contribute to those communities by resolving social issues.

7.Make global compliance a top priority
7-1 Thorough compliance

Fuji Electric and its employees, as members of a highly public group that declares it contributes to solutions to global problems such as the "environment" and "energy," recognize the importance of compliance, fully understand domestic and foreign laws, customs, and all other social norms and their spirit, comply with them, and always act with high social consciousness.

  • Acting in accordance with laws, regulations and social wisdom

  • Complying with contracts

  • Prevention of bribery and corruption

  • Compliance with competition laws

  • Fair selection of business partners

  • Insulation from antisocial forces

  • Prohibition of behavior that distinguishes public and private and insider trading

  • Build sound relationships in politics and administrations

Fuji Electric Anti-Bribery Policy

7-2 Thorough risk management

Fuji Electric and its employees will implement thorough risk management for the sustainable growth of Fuji Electric.

  • We strictly manage our intellectual property, personal information, customer and confidential information, and fully respect the property and information of others.

  • In addition to natural disasters, we will build and strengthen our organizational crisis management system to protect employee safety and business continuity from malicious threats such as cyber attacks and terrorism.

8.Top management will thoroughly practice this standard

To put this standard into practice, Fuji Electric management will build and promote soundness, efficiency, transparency, an effective governance system, and a compliance system that ensures thorough compliance with laws and social norms. This standard will be shared with all employees and communicated to partners, etc., as well as supply chains.

In the event of a violation of the law or any other situation that violates this standard, while working to resolve issues and fulfilling accountability to society, we will strive to investigate causes, recover damages, prevent recurrence, and deal strict punishment.