Basic Polices on Environmental Protection


Efforts to protect the global environment are a key management issue for Fuji Electric, and with the establishment of our Basic Environmental Protection Policy, we continue to promote environmental management with the goal of contributing to global environmental protection through our business activities.

This policy was expanded to overseas bases in English and Chinese, and has been shared with all employees.

Fuji Electric Basic Environmental Protection Policy

Established in 1992 Revised in 2022

Fuji Electric is keenly aware of our social responsibilities as a good cooperate citizen of global society, and we regard efforts to protect the global environment as one of our most important management tasks. We strive to realize a sustainable society through global actions in accordance with the following basic principles.

1.Offering products and technologies that contribute to the global environmental protection

We will contribute actively to the protection of the global environment by offering products at which we excel, including energy-saving equipment, new energy equipment, environment monitoring equipment, environmental protection equipment, and technologies related to such equipment.

2.Reduction of environmental burden throughout product life cycles

We will strive to reduce the burden on the global environment throughout the entire product life cycle, from the procurement of materials to their disposal when offering Fuji Electric products to the market.

3.Reduction of environmental burden in business activities

We will promote environmental conservation activities, including energy conservation, waste reduction and reduction of hazardous chemical substances, so as to reduce the environmental burden caused by business operations from the procurement of materials and parts to production and distribution.

4.Compliance with laws, regulations and standards

We will abide by environmental regulations of not only countries or regions where Fuji Electric performs business operations, but also of countries or regions where equipment provided by Fuji Electric is used. In addition, we will establish our own standards if necessary in our efforts to protect the environment.

5.Establishment of environment management systems and continuous improvements of the systems

We will promote environmental protection activities through measures such as improving the environment protection promotion systems of Fuji Electric and setting environmental targets. Moreover, we will strive to make continuous improvement through internal audits, etc.

6.Improvement of employees’ environmental awareness and social contribution

We will strive to raise the awareness of our employees through our day-to-day business operations, while each employee makes an active effort to contribute to society by engaging in environmental conservation activities.

7.Promotion of communication

We will disclose the efforts of Fuji Electric toward environmental protection both inside and outside of the company. We will also promote broad communication with society and concerned parties, as well as incorporate their opinions, so as to continuously improve our environmental conservation activities.

April 1, 2022
President and COO
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Shiro Kondo

Shiro Kondo