Stock and Bond Information
Dividend Policy

 We intend to return profit gained through business activities to shareholders. At the same time—while maintaining and strengthening our management foundation—we intend to appropriate profit for consolidated shareholders’ equity in order to secure internal reserves for research and development, capital investment, development of human resources, and other investments reflecting a medium-to-long-term viewpoint.

 We will determine the amount of dividends to be paid from retained earnings in light of the above medium-to-long-term business cycle; our policy of paying stable and continuous dividends; and comprehensive consideration of the business results of the relevant fiscal year, research and development and capital investment plans for future growth, and business conditions.

 We regard the acquisition of treasury stock as a flexible mechanism to supplement dividends when warranted by the cash flow position.

(Fiscal year)


Effective October 1, 2018, the Company conducted a one-for-five reverse stock split pertaining to shares of common stock.
The per share amount has been calculated to reflect this reverse stock split.


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