Fuji Electric Report 2011

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01 Note to Readers PDF[711KB]
03 Using Technology to Unlock the Potential of Electricity to Contribute to Creating Next-Generation Communities in Harmony with Nature PDF[4.92MB]
05 Consolidated Financial Highlights PDF[721KB]
07 President’s Message
  We aim to be a leading-edge company in the field of energy and environment.
11 Special Feature
  Leading the World in Geothermal
13 Special Feature
  Creating Smart Communities
15 Special Feature
  Expanding Environmental Business in China
17 Business Report PDF[2.39MB]
  18 Segment Overview PDF[426KB]
19 Energy PDF[121KB]
20 Industrial Systems PDF[113KB]
21 Social Systems PDF[130KB]
22 Power Electronics PDF[81KB]
23 Electronic Devices PDF[136KB]
24 ED&C Components PDF[128KB]
25 Vending Machines PDF[129KB]
26 Overseas Operations PDF[244KB]
27 Research and Development PDF[375KB]
29 Intellectual Property PDF[267KB]
30 CSR Report PDF[2.92MB]
  31 Fuji Electric's CSR Philosophy PDF[184KB]
33 Our Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake PDF[112KB]
35 Social Report PDF1.29MB
41 Environmental Report PDF[906KB]
47 Management Structure PDF[959KB]
  48 Corporate Governance PDF[179KB]
50 Compliance/Risk Management PDF[95KB]
51 List of Officers PDF[95KB]
52 Financial/Company Information PDF[851KB]
  53 Financial Information PDF[84KB]
59 Consolidated Subsidiaries and Equity-method Affiliates PDF[46KB]
61 Company Information/Stock Information PDF[89KB]
62 Third-Party Opinion PDF[51KB]
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