IGBT Module 1700 V Devices Ideal for General-Purpose Inverters

This page presents information on the IGBT module 1700 V devices that are ideal for general-purpose inverters.

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IGBT Module Application Examples


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The values written in these application examples are reference values for each IGBT under the following conditions, with consideration given so that the IGBT and FWD junction temperature (Tvj) is the maximum junction temperature Tvj(max) or less. These values do not guarantee conformance to the specific purposes and conditions of customers.

Circuit: Three-Phase 2-Level Inverters
PWM modulation method: Sinusoidal modulation
Case temperature (Tc) = 100°C, switching frequency (Fsw) = 5 kHz,
gate resistance (RG) = 1 to 2 times the value shown on the datasheet, output frequency (FO) = 5 to 50 Hz,
power factor (PF) = 0.9, modulation factor (m) = 1

For details on IGBT module selection, refer to Chapter 3 Item 1 in the Application Manual.