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Comprehensive Line-up
■Series lineup (inverters, converters)

- Line-up features unit type and stack type, facilitating easy construction of large-capacity systems.
- The stack type offers support for up to 2,400kW (MD spec.) or 3,000kW (LD spec.) through direct parallel connection.

Three-phase 200V series
Three-phase 400V series
Three-phase 690V series


Refer to "Ratings for intended use" on page 6 for specifications (applicable load).


Unit type inverters have built-in brake circuits as standard (160kW or less).


Configuration: Standard unit → Can be used with one set. Stack by phase → Categorized by phase, and one inverter set consists of three stacks.


Multiple inverters can be connected with a single PWM converter and diode rectifier.


Inverters can also be supplied with DC power (with generator, etc.) without the use of a converter circuit.


Capacity expansion (parallel operation)


  • Direct parallel connection: One single-winding motor is driven by multiple inverters. (Drive is possible with up to three inverters)

  • Multi-winding motor drive: Specialized motor drive system with multiple windings around a single motor. (Drive is possible with up to six inverters)

PWM converters

  • Transformer isolation (parallel system): System used to isolate the receiving power supply system and converter with a transformer. It is necessary to equip each converter input with a transformer. (No. of parallel connection units: max. 6)

  • Transformerless (parallel system): System in which a PWM converter is connected directly to the receiving power supply system. There is no need to isolate with a transformer. (No. of parallel connection units: max. 3)