Product information | Easier Maintenance and Greater Reliability

Easier Maintenance and Greater Reliability
■Upgraded PC loader functions
PC Loader can be used via the USB connector (mini B) provided on the front cover.
  • The front cover does not have to be removed.

  • No RS-485 converter is needed.

  • Commercial cables can be used.

[Fault diagnosis using the trace back function]
  • Internal data, time and date around the fault are recorded.
    The real-time clock (clock function) is built-in as standard.

  • Data are backed up by battery.
    Trace data can be stored in the memory even while the power is off.


Battery: 30kW or more (built-in as standard), up to 22kW (available as option: OPK-BP)

  • Trace waveform can be checked on the PC loader

[Easy edit and detail monitor]

Data editing and detailed data monitor analysis operations are much easier than with a conventional PC loader.

Function code setting

User-defined displays (customized displays), data explanation display for each code.

Trace function

Real-time trace: for long-term monitoring
Historical trace: for detailed data diagnosis for short periods
Trace back: for fault analysis (last three times)


The paid-for loader software (WPS-VG1-PCL) supports real-time tracing and historical tracing.


The paid-for loader software (WPS-VG1-STR) is contained in the CD-ROM provided with the product. (Can be downloaded from the Fuji website.)

■Multifunctional the Keypad
  • Wide 7-segment LED ensures easy view.

  • The back-light is incorporated in the LCD panel, which enables the easy inspection in the dark control panel.

  • Enhanced copy function
    The function codes can be copied to other inverters easily. (Three patterns of function codes can be stored.) Copying data in advance reduces restoration time when problems occur, by replacing the Keypad when changing the inverter.

  • Remote control operation is available.
    The Keypad can be remotely operated by extending the cable length at the RJ-45 connector.

  • JOG (jogging) operation can be executed using the Keypad.

  • The HELP key displays operation guidance.

  • Supported languages: English, Chinese, Korean (Hangul), Japanese

■More reliable functions
Save alarm data

The number of alarm data to be stored has been increased from the conventional model. Thanks to the real-time clock function built-in as standard, the complete data of the latest and last 3 alarm occurences is stored: time, speed command, torque, current and others. This enables machine units to be checked for abnormalities.
⇒As for previous model, new alarm data overwrote and deleted existing alarm data.
This is solved with the new VG model.

Alarm severity selection

Alarm severity (serious and minor) can be selected, eliminating the risk of critical facility stoppage due to a minor fault.

PG fault diagnosis
  • The PG interface circuit incorporated as standard detects disconnection of the power supply line as well as the PG signal line.

  • A mode was added that judges if it is a PG fault or a fault on the inverter side
    Simulated output mode is provided at the PG pulse output terminal (FA and FB).
    Operation can be checked by connecting this to the PG input terminal.

■Easy change of the cooling fan
Unit Type

The cooling fan can easily be changed without removing the front cover and printed board.

Stack Type

The cooling fan installed at the top can easily be changed without drawing the stacks.
However, for the 220kW or above inverter, remove the 2 connection bars from the DC side and change the cooling fan.

■Components with a longer service life

For the various consumable parts inside the inverter, their designed lives have been extended to 10 years.
This also extended the equipment maintenance cycles.
Life conditions
Unit type: ambient temperature 40 ℃, load factor 100% (HD spec.), 80% (MD spec., LD spec.)
Stack type: ambient temperature 30 ℃, load factor 100% (MD spec.), 80% (LD spec.)


The planned life is determined by calculation, and is not the guaranteed value.

■Enhanced lifetime alarm
  • Lifetime alarms can be checked rapidly on the Keypad and PC loader (optional).

  • Facility maintenance can be performed much easier thanks to lifetime alarms.

■Useful functions for test run and adjustment
  • Customization of functions for test run and adjustment
    (Individual items on the loader can be set to be displayed or not.)

  • Simulated fault alarm issued by a special function on the Keypad

  • Monitor data hold function

  • Simulated operation mode
    Simulated connection allows the inverter to be operated with internal parts in the same way as if they were connected to the motor, without actually being connected.

  • The externally input I/O monitor and PG pulse states can be checked on the Keypad.

■Easy wiring (removable control terminal block)
  • The terminal block can be connected to the inverter after control wiring work is completed. Wiring work is simplified.

  • Restoration time for updating equipment, problem occurrence, and inverter replacement has been drastically reduced. Just mount the wired terminal block board to the replaced inverter.

Unit Type
Stack Type