Product information | How to expand the capacity range of the inverters (Stack Type)

How to expand the capacity range of the inverters (Stack Type)

Direct parallel connection system and multiwinding motor drive system are provided for driving a large capacity motor.


OPC-VG1-TBSI is separately required.


Reduced capacity operation. If a stack fails in case of direct parallel connection, the operation continues with lower output power using the stacks that have not failed.

Example) If one inverter fails when 200kW x 2 inverters are driving a 355kW motor, the operation can continue with the 200kW inverter (capacity of one inverter).
(Note) To start the reduced capacity operation, consideration is needed to the switch over operation of PG signals or motor constants and sequence circuit. For details, refer to the operation manual.

■Configuration table for direct parallel connection

2 or even 3 inverters of the same capacity can be connected in parallel to increase capacity or facilitate system redundancy. Typical combinations are shown in Table 1, however, other configurations are also possible.

Table 1 Direct parallel combination example (400V series, MD specification)


OPC-VG1-TBSI is required for each stack.