Product information | Adaptation to Environment and Safety

Adaptation to Environment and Safety
■Compliance with overseas standards
Applicable models : FRENIC-VG (Unit Type), FRENIC-VG (Stack type three-phase 400V series)
  • Complies with UL and cUL Standards, EC Directives (CE marking), KC certification, and RoHS Directive.

  • Directive when the standard model is combined with an option (EMC filter).

Enhanced environmental resistance

Environmental resistance has been enhanced compared to conventional inverters.

  1. 1.

    Environmental resistance of cooling fan has been enhanced.

  2. 2.

    Ni and Sn plating are employed on copper bars.

Environmental resistance has been enhanced on the FRENIC-VG compared to conventional models; however, the following environments should be examined based on how the equipment is being used.
a.Sulfidizing gas
(present in some activities such as tire manufacturers, paper manufacturers, sewage treatment, and the textile industry)
b.Conductive dust and foreign particles
(such as with metal processing, extruding machines, printing machines, and waste treatment)
c.Others: under unique environments not included under standard environments

Contact Fuji before using the product in environments such as those indicated above.

■Conforms to safety standards
  • The functional safety (FS) function STO that conforms to the FS standard IEC/EN61800-5-2 is incorporated as standard.

  • The FS functions STO, SS1, SLS and SBC that conform to FS standard IEC/EN61800-5-2 can be also available by installing the option card OPC-VG1-SAFE. (Available only when controlling the motor using feedback encoder (closed loop).)

Safety function STO: Safe Torque Off
This function shuts off the output of the inverter (motor output torque) immediately.
Safety function SS1: Safe Stop 1
This function decreases the motor speed to shut down the motor output torque (by STO FS function) after the motor reaches the specified speed or after the specified time has elapsed.
Safety function SLS: Safely Limited Speed
This function prevents the motor from rotating over the specified speed.
Safety function SBC: Safe Brake Control
This function outputs a safe signal of the motor brake control.