Contribution to SDGs
Our Contribution Activities to SDGs

SDGs to be Addressed through Fuji Electric’s Companywide Activities

Priority SDGs to be Addressed through Energy and Environment Businesses

Spread of renewable energy use
Improvement of energy efficiency
Supporting Global Wind Power Generation with Power Semiconductors

Reliable quality and stable supply to the world's top share wind power generation manufacturer

Geothermal power generation facilities delivered in Indonesia

Supporting the supply of power for about 420,000 households. Contributing to economic and social development in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Solar Pump Inverters for a Rural Area in India

Contributing to Agricultural Development by Utilizing Solar Power Without Waste

Reduction of CO2 emissions from industrial processes
Reinforcement of social and industrial infrastructure
How a data collection system supports “next-generation car manufacturing sites”

Not even the slightest abnormality is overlooked. Conditions on the production line are clearly discernable even from a distance.

Real-time visualization of QCD

Enhanced productivity through real-time visualization of quality, manufacturing progress, operation rates, and energy

Provision of energy and other basic services for cities and residential areas
Reinforcement of social and industrial infrastructure
Railcar Door Operating Systems

Supporting the commutes and lifestyles of 3 billion people around the world annually

Onshore Power Supply Systems Contributing to Carbon Neutrality at Ports

Supporting decarbonization, environmental impact reduction, and infrastructure resilience

Efficient use of natural resources
Rigorous management and reduction of emissions of chemical substances and waste
Reduction of production waste

Aiming to achieve a circular economy where no waste is produced

Efficient Use of Water Resources

Semiconductor manufacturing process / efficient water use project

Cyclone SOx scrubber for ships

Helping to solve the environmental problems of ships with the world’s smallest SOx scrubber

Contributions to climate change countermeasures through the supply of products that help reduce CO2 emissions
SF6 gas reduction project at Fukiage Factory

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for sustainable manufacturing

High-Frequency Induction Furnaces

Contributing to Carbon Neutrality by Serving as Industrial Furnaces

Contribution to SDGs through Our Companywide Activities

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
Bring the Fun of Science to Children

Promoting youth development through activities of Science classes

Achieve gender equality and
empower all women and girls
Work Style Reform

Promoting Work Style Reform to Achieve Corporate Prosperity and Employee Happiness

Promoting Women’s Advancement

The Individuality of Diverse Human Resources as the Driving Force for Creating Value

Promote sustained, inclusive and
sustainable economic growth, full
and productive employment and
decent work for all
Health Management Initiatives

Workers’ well-being as the driving force that leads to the sustainable growth of companies

Manufacturing Meisters

Fostering Brilliance in Skilled Human Resources, Further Evolution in Fuji Electric’s Manufacturing

Efforts to Employ Differently-Abled People

Aiming for a Society Where Everyone Can Coexist and Find Satisfaction in Their Work

Promote peaceful and inclusive
societies for sustainable development,
provide access to justice for all
and build effective, accountable
and inclusive institutions
at all levels

Fuji Electric employs thorough measures to ensure compliance with laws and corporate ethics and always act with the highest ethical standards to achieve sustained corporate growth.

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