Small Distribution Transformers

Unit substation

Small distribution transformers, installed on utility poles or on concrete pads, act as the last transformers providing the final utilization voltage (100V~600V) at the consumer's facilities. So, there is the variety of requirements, installation type, electrical ratings, tank design, accessories, and so on. Fuji Tusco has many experiences of delivering these transformers for domestic customers in Thailand and also for various other countries. Small distribution transformers of Fuji Tusco are available up to 1,000kVA capacity and up to 36kV primary voltage. Each type of pole-mounted/pad-mounted installation, hermetically-sealed/conservator-type design, and plain/corrugated-wall/radiator-fins tank construction, is standardized and able to be supplied.

630kVA Transformer
Pole transformer

Standard Features for Hermetically Sealed Type

  • High and Low voltage bushings

  • Off-circuit tap changer in 5 positions

  • Lifting lugs

  • Earthing terminals

  • Pressure relief device

  • Thermometer pocket

  • Filling lug

  • Skid base

  • Drain valve

  • Rating plate

Options and accessories

  • Plug-in bushings on HV

  • Dual voltage transformer

  • Galvanized tank

  • Surge arrestor, CSP-type version

  • Max. thermometer

  • Dial type thermometer with two contacts

  • Oil level indicator

  • Arcing horns, Bird guard

  • Integrated pole brackets on tank

  • Bi-directional rollers

  • Skid base

  • Cable boxes