Capacity: Up to 1,100MVA
Rated Voltage: Up to 800kV

Power and Distribution Transformers
  • Oil immersed type

  • Cast resin type

  • Vegetable Oil Filled Transformer

Shunt Reactor
Generator step-up Transformer
Special Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer

  • Furnace Transformer

  • Etc.

As a strategic company of Fuji Electric group, Fuji Tusco manufacture various type of transformers.

Power Transformers
  • Oil Immersed Transformers up to 245kV

  • Single & Three Phase up to 300MVA

Special Transformers
  • Rectifier Transformer up to 30MVA

  • urnace Transformer up to 30MVA

  • Testing Transformer up to 300kV

  • Unit or Miniature Substation up to 36kV

  • Made to Order Transformers

Our producing high performance transformers at factories in Japan and Asia area.

At Asia Factory provide technical support from mother factory Japan and quality control is same as mother factory, Produce high quality transformers lining up in Japan made.

These products are recognized by worldwide major companies.