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From extra-high-voltage (HV), medium-voltage (MV) to low-voltage (LV) products for electrical substation which consist of oil-immersed transformer, cast resin transformer, switchgear and control center, Fuji Electric provides total engineering such as system planning, design and construction of substation facilities.

Oil immersed Transformer

We deliver products with high quality and reliability to meet a variety of applications, such as generator step-up transformers and step-down power transformers supporting high-voltage and high-capacity.

Cast Resin Transformer, MOLTRA

As a global leader in the market, we offer incombustible transformer, which utilizes the superior insulation characteristics and the self-extinguishing characteristics of epoxy resin.

GIS, Gas Insulated Switchgear

Based on our extensive development track record in the 72 to 300 kV range, we have manufactured Gas Insulated Switchgear with high reliability, safety and small space requirement.

MV & LV Switchgear and Control Center

The switchgear of Fuji Electric came out of a thorough function and pursuit of the reliability; is easy to use it, and is a safe product.

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