Power Transformers

230kV Power Transfomer (Left)
400kV Testing Transfomer (Right)
132/33kV 90/125MVA Power Transfomer

Step-down transformers in substations and step-up transformers in power stations are essential components in those facilities. These transformers cover the electric power for many of electricity consumers, so highly reliable transformers are required.

Fuji Tusco will make transformers to provide the highest efficiency within the limits where economy is not lost. Because of well arranged core construction, no-load loss is reduced.

In relation, to the load loss occupying the majority of total loss, as a result of employing a transposed conductor, achieving non-magnetization of metal adjacent to the winding, and providing a magnetic shielding of tank inner wall, stray-load loss has been reduced significantly whereby transformers with high efficiency and little loss have been created.

Standard Features for Conservator Type

  • High and Low voltage bushings

  • Off-circuit tap changer

  • Lifting lugs

  • Earthing terminals

  • Buchholz relay

  • Dehydrating breather

  • Pressure relief device

  • Dial type thermometer

  • Oil level gauge / Oil level indicator

  • Filling lug

  • Skid base

  • Drain valve

  • Rating plate

Options and accessories

  • On load tap changer

  • Plug-in bushings on HV

  • Galvanized tank

  • Rubber bag

  • Dual voltage

  • Winding temperature Indicator

  • Cooling fans and pumps

  • Cable boxes

  • Wheels