Medium & Large Distribution Transformers

Medium and large distribution transformers, installed in substations near to the consumer's side, receive high voltage electric power from the grid, reduce its voltage, and distribute electricity to consumers and lower voltage substations.

Fuji Tusco provides distribution transformers up to 30MVA capacity and up to 36kV primary/secondary voltage. And necessary accessories are available if requested. The most suitable one will be delivered in accordance with customer's requirements.

Standard Features for Conservator Type

  • High and Low voltage bushings

  • Off-circuit tap changer

  • Lifting lugs

  • Earthing terminals

  • Buchholz relay

  • Dehydrating breather

  • Pressure relief device

  • Dial type thermometer

  • Oil level gauge / Oil level indicator

  • Filling lug

  • Skid base

  • Drain valve

  • Rating plate

Options and accessories

  • On load tap changer

  • Plug-in bushings on HV

  • Galvanized tank

  • Rubber bag

  • Dual voltage

  • Winding temperature Indicator

  • Cable boxes

  • Wheels

  • Cooling fans and pumps

  • Oil to water heat exchanger

  • Oil preservation system

Transformers of various constructions

  • Elephant type transformer

  • Transformer directly couple to GIS

  • Fully-fitted transportable type transformer

  • Low Noise Transformer