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Online Fuji IGBT Simulator (在线模拟软件)

Using the Online Simulator
This tool is an online semiconductor simulation tool based on PLECS®.
It provides calculation of temperatures and losses of the semiconductors for different circuits.

  • Current available circuits:
    • 3 Phases  2 Level
    • T type 3 Level Invert
      Other circuits will continuously be uploaded
  • Up to date – Always find the latest Fuji products (already released to the market)

Features of the online Simulator

  • Loss/temperature calculation for 2-level and 3-level inverter circuit.
  • Support several kinds of PWM control method.
  • Heatsink / thermal condition.
  • The results are shown in both graphical (waveforms) and numerical (tables) way.
  • Compare different modules in the same graph – find the suitable product easily.

* Simulation result might be different from the offline IGBT simulator.

How to use Online Simulator

Link to Online Fuji IGBT Simulator