Process Data Acquisition and analysis, f(s)NISDAS


Faster and more powerful acquisition and analysis of plant and equipment data

Package software f(s)NISDAS, the ideal solution for diverse uses such as startup, operation monitoring, and maintenance of production equipment.
f(s)NISDAS is a software package which runs on a personal computer, and acquires and analyzes the data of a programmable logic controller (PLC), inverter, etc.

5Key Features

  1. 1.

    Sophisticated system monitoring〜 high-speed, synchronous and voluminous 〜

    • “1 ms” sampling data acquisition achieved via PLC (our MICREX-SX)

    • Recording of continuous data for three months or longer(The recording period is not guaranteed, and depends on the settings and measurement data, as well as the PC specifi cation.)

    • Data acquisition from multiple PLC units, inverter, etc. with a single personal computer

  2. 2.

    Enriched system analysis 〜 efficient utilization 〜

    • Data analyzed simultaneously with data acquisition

    • Data can also be analyzed after acquisition

    • Conversion to a file format compatible with commercially available software

  3. 3.

    Simplified operation 〜 easier to use〜

    • Simple operation method

  4. 4.

    Simple installation and high extendibility 〜 more simplification 〜

    • Connectable to open network

    • Able to construction of client/server system

    • Easily installable in an existing system

    • Monitoring of MICREX-SX series is readily available

  5. 5.

    Support 〜 timely provided〜

    • We provide strong set-up support.