Data Analyzing

Enriched system analysis 〜Efficient utilization〜

Data analysis software: Analyzer

Chart display

A single f(s)NISDAS can display all of the charts that are required.
Up to 16 channels can be displayed on a single chart, and several items of data can easily be set on the channels.

Setting the vertical axis scale

When multiple data are set to one channel, the scale of the vertical axis can be set. The upper and lower limits of each vertical axis scale can also be set.

Analysis screen display examples

  • X cursor
    By aligning the first cursor (X1) and the second cursor (X2) at any position, each of the time values (Y1 and Y2) can be easily read. At the same time, each of the deviations (X2-X1 and Y2-Y1) can be calculated and displayed.

  • Statistics cursor
    Statistical values on each of the data within the period marked between the first cursor (X1) and the second cursor (X2) are calculated and displayed in a list.

    • Maximum value

    • Minimum value

    • Average value

    • Standard deviation

    • Median value

    • Most frequent value

    • Distributed value

    • Root-mean-square

  • High-speed Fourier transform, power spectrum