MICREX-VieW XX is a monitoring and control system based on the technologies developed for Fuji Electric's plant monitoring and control system MICREX Series, with further advanced visibility, operability, and reliability. It can be applied to plants in various fields. When introduced, this system provides excellent visibility, operability, high reliability and best solutions and contributes to energy saving and stable/safe operation of plants After the introduction, it will continue to evolve as well as provide best life cycle solutions. Furthermore, the system can inherit much from the conventional MICREX Series. You can use the existing assets effectively during system updating process and switch over to a more reliable system in shorter time at lower cost.


Contribution to stable and safe plant operation and global environment protection

  • Excellent visibility and operability

  • Integrating electrical machinery control and measurement control

  • High reliability

  • Efficient engineering

  • High inheritability