Simplified operation 〜Easier to use〜

File conversion tool:DIz2Gat

Data copy tool:PdaDataCopyTool87

Intuitive operations

Intuitive operations make it easy to acquire, display and analyze data.

Long time waveform display

A long time waveform can be displayed. If the display time is extended while the acquired data is being displayed without thinning (true waveform mode), when the total number of points exceeds the maximum number of plot points, the displayed data is aggregated and the waveform switches to a long time waveform(abstract waveform mode).

Setting of chart display by operation expression

The chart display method can be arbitrarily input by user in the form of an operation expression, thereby enhancing the degree of freedom for chart expression.

  • Examples of display settings

    • Conversion to industrial value

    • Offset addition

    • Scale conversion

    • Difference operation

    • Integration operation

    • Filter setting

Chart comment

Comments can be inserted anyplace in a chart. There is no need for onerous work such as manual entry of comments after chart printout.

Easy storage and restoration of acquired data

The acquired data for a required period can be extracted and saved as a single file. Only the data when an abnormality occurred can also be extracted and reproduced on another PC or stored as a backup.The file is saved in a special format.Data can be restored and analyzed immediately with the restore tool.

Waveform search

You can register any waveform as a reference waveform and search for similar waveforms. In addition, various searches can be performed by describing conditions such as moving average values.

Outputting acquired data in CSV format

Operate the acquired data in Microsoft®Excel

You can convert the collected data into a text (CSV) format by specifying optional items and filters. Conversion allows spreadsheet software to analyze collected data. For example, it can be analyzed by Microsoft®Excel (right-hand figure). The utility of collected data can be further enhanced by utilizing the functions of commercially available software.

Automatic output of acquired data in CSV format

You can automatically convert the collected data to CSV format by specifying optional items and filters. The conversion file is stored in the specified folder. Storage is performed while maintaining a certain number.
Up to three ACQ. The storage location is specified individually. The conversion is done every 15 or 60 minutes. You should set this value taking into account the collection interval, the number of items, and PC performance.


The object of chart display can be printed.
Detailed chart information can be specified and printed.