System Configuration

Simple installation and high extendibility 〜More simplification〜
Easy connectivity

By connecting to the loader port even without a communication device, it is possible to start acquiring data immediately with no changes to MICREX-SX. Also, data acquisition can start immediately when using an Ethernet connection, as well.

High scalability

Data acquisition part (data server) and data display part (client) can be separated. This feature facilitates acquiring data at the site and displaying data in the office. Multiple clients can be connected to a single data server, and also, multiple data servers can be connected to a single client.


Bar steel rolling plant; In this facility, the steel to be rolled from a blast furnace or electric furnace is crushed gradually from the upstream side using multiple successive rolling stands (ST) so that bar steel such as steel frame or reinforcing steel is finally produced.


Drive units for plant; Providing the drive units for plant with plusFSITE option allows to connect them to (254 units max.)

Applied instances

Acquiring and analyzing facility, plant and equipment data at a high-speed for a long time serves for forecast, preventive maintenance, data analysis at anomalies, operation adjustment/debug at test run, life monitoring, etc.

Actual applications
  • Bar mill monitoring

  • Power receiving and transforming equipment monitoring

  • Building crane monitoring

  • Hot rolling mill monitoring

  • Chicken manure biomass generator monitoring

  • Manipulator monitoring

  • Continuous annealing and acid
    cleaning equipment monitoring

  • Press diagnostic system monitoring

  • Pump vibration and life monitoring

  • Hull movement monitoring
    (GPS, drive motor data)