Fuji Tusco transformers are made in the excellent workshop equipped with new facilities including computer, dust proof air-conditioning equipment, etc.

Rectangular Wire Conforming Line
Up-Casting Introduction Furnace
Vertical Winding Machine
Vertical Winding Machine
Laser Cutting Machine
Automatic Vapor Phase Drying System

Testing for international quality standards

For Transformer measurement system

Control rack

Control rack and Control desk
TMS 580, 100kV 2000A

Measuring instrument

Standard Current and Voltage transducers
TMS 580, 100kV 2000A

For Impulse withstand voltage test

Impulse generator
1400kV 140kJ
(SGDA 1400140)

Impulse voltage Divider 1400kV
(CR 1400-525)

Multiple Chopping gap
(MAFS 1200)