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Changes of Medium-voltage devices in the panel

Which generation does your equipment belong to?

Recommendation of Upgrade


We offer products that pay attention to in terchangeability with old product models

Fuji Electric has been manufacturing power receiving/distribution equipment for approximately 50 years. Products have gone through various model changes and modifications over time in order to reduce the sizes of equipment or improve their power interruption or switching performance. Many of them often do not provide interchangeability between current and past models.
We offer products that are made by paying attention to interchangeability with old-type products on the basis of currently manufactured products.


Upgrade examples:Fuji Electric has been providing many interchangeable models

Upgrade of vacuum circuit breaker

Service interruption time is greatly reduced by directly reusing the distribution panel’s disconnecting unit and the fixing frame



Minimized modification in a panel by installing a rack and attachments to a standard vacuum circuit breaker



Upgrade of magnetic contactor:

Service interruption time is greatly reduced by directly reusing the distribution panel’s disconnecting unit and the fixing frame



When an interchangeable model for a high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) is used

Using an interchangeable model at Upgrade greatly reduces the work duration (service interruption time). hv_renewal_vcb


※ Upgrade work may vary depending on the installation environment and circuit breaker type.

[Main Upgrade work with an interchangeable model]
[1] Draw out the existing circuit breaker: Remove the control circuitry and draw the circuit breaker out of the panel using a lifter, etc.
[2] Clean and check the panel’s inside: Perform inspection and maintenance of the disconnecting unit on the panel side and the fixing frame (greasing, etc.).
[3] Check the existing circuit breaker’s specifications: Check the electrical specifications and check the structure against the existing circuit breaker’s drawings.
[4] Check the interchangeable circuit breaker: Check with the existing circuit breaker’s specifications and make a final check of the circuit breaker. [5] Insert the interchangeable circuit breaker: Insert the circuit breaker into the panel using a lifter, etc., and check its operation and the contacts between the circuit breaker and the panel.
Check and insert the control circuitry cables.




Old product and current product

■ Medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) 3.6/7.2kV 12.5kA


[History of models]

Series Type Manufacture year
(1) T-Schalter (TCB) HF515-10M 1967–1987
(2) BAV type (TCB) BAV06FPM 1965–1979
(3) HV type (TCB) HV126-06 1977–1981
(4) HB type (TCB) HB1206X-06Hf-F 1980–1987
(5) HS-N type (TCB) HS2530X-06Mf-N 1983–Current model
(6) HS-E type (TCB) HS2520X-06Mf-E 1996–Current model


■ Protective relay


[History of models]

Type Manufacture year
CO1-53a,63a、CH1-53a,63a – 1995
QH-OC1、OC2 1990 – 2013
QHA-OC1、OC2 2011 – Current models

Shown in overcurrent relay types


■ Medium-voltage vacuum magnetic contactor (VMC)


[History of models]

Type Manufacture year
FVC、VCM、VCF 1969 – 1980
HR 1980 – 1987
HN46 1987 – 2000
HN46A 2000 – Current models

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