Contribution to SDGs

Relationship between Fuji Electric's Activities and the SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of goals geared toward achieving economic growth while simultaneously addressing social and environmental issues.
Fuji Electric’s corporate philosophy and management policies and its energy and environment businesses are congruent with the SDGs and other contemporary expectations.
We are committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through the exercise of our corporate philosophy, and the Fuji Electric Code of Conduct has been established based on this commitment to serve as a concrete guide for the actions of employees.
By promoting business activities based on this Code of Conduct, we aim to respond to the SDGs and other common goals and norms of the international community, and aim for sustainable growth as a company.

SDGs to be Addressed through Companywide Activities

Assessing the link between the value created by the four businesses advanced by our five segments and contributions to the accomplishment of the SDGs, Fuji Electric selected five priority goals.

Furthermore, additional goals were designated as priorities by verifying the relationship between the SDGs and the reinforcement of our operating foundation, making for a total of nine SDGs, including above 5, to be pursued through overall corporate activities.

Contributions to Accomplishment of Five Priority SDGs

Material Issues to Reinforcing Operating Foundations

Fuji Electric has identified key issues pertaining to the implementation of its Code of Conduct. We are proactively addressing these issues to improve long-term corporate value (the Fuji Electric Code of Conduct is available in its entirety here).

Corporate Code of Conduct(Overview)

You can find "Key Issues", "Major Initiatives" and "Relavant SDGs" for each item.

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