Contribution to SDGs
Approach to Contribution to the Achievement to the SDGs

Fuji Electric’s corporate philosophy hinges on a mission to contribute to prosperity, encourage creativity, and seek harmony with the environment, while the Company’s management policies are centered on the notion of contributing to society through its energy and environment businesses. This is in line with the international community’s efforts to integrate economic, social, and environmental improvements to achieve the SDGs.
By putting this corporate philosophy and management policies into practice based on its Corporate Code of Conduct, which sets forth guidelines for the conduct of employees, Fuji Electric and its employees, together with customers and business partners, will aim to resolve social and environmental issues, create customer value, contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the creation of a responsible and sustainable society.

System for Promoting SDGs

We have set up the SDGs Promotion Committee for deliberating, deciding, and evaluating the promotion of the SDGs at the management level. We identify from an SDG perspective the key issues along with the business risks and opportunities for our company, incorporate them into our strategies, and evaluate our efforts to implement them. Our environmental efforts are focused on fulfilling our Environmental Vision 2050, which is mainly focused on realizing a Decarbonized Society; and our social efforts prioritize the promotion of human rights and human resources development. We have set up subcommittees dedicated to each topic that will deliberate our policies and strategies, supervise, and evaluate our efforts. The committee’s discussion content is reported to and deliberated by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

SDGs Promotion Committee Roles and Material Issues

Committee Members Executive officers and department heads of the business, sales, and corporate divisions


1.Identify the company’s material issues, business opportunities and risks from an SDG perspective
2.Incorporate the material issues into strategies, implement and evaluate the strategies (PDCA management)

Material Issues

1.Promote the Environmental Vision 2050
2.Promote human rights and human resources development

System for Promoting SDGs