Changes of AC Drives (Medium voltage)

Which generation does your equipment belong to?

Recommendation of preventive maintenance

Equipment maintenance can be divided into breakdown maintenance and preventive maintenance.
Breakdown maintenance repairs the equipment after a failure occurs while preventive maintenance prevents failures from occurring beforehand through planned checks and parts replacement.
Preventive maintenance is required for the stable operation of equipment.

Benefits of preventive maintenance

Stable operation of the equipment
  • Reduces failure rate
  • Maintains reliability
  • Maintains performance and functions
  • Maintains safety
  • Extends equipment life

Perform preventive maintenance

1. Create a long-term maintenance plan
Inspection plan, parts replacement plan and plan of Upgrade timing

2. Perform an inspection
Perform patrol inspection, regular inspection and detailed inspection

3. Replace parts
Replace life-limited parts and replace wear-consumable parts

4. Perform diagnosis
Equipment environment, physical degradation, social lifespan, spares management and maintenance history

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