Nuclear power technologies

Three core technologies
Remote handling
Radioactive waste treatment technology
Nuclear reactor engineering technology
Two features
Cooperated with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for research on the core design and safety analysis of the first high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTTR, High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor) in Japan.
Supplied internal structure and fuel handling equipment for the HTTR reactor.
High-temperature gas-cooled reactors
A high-temperature gas-cooled reactor has an inherently high level of safety, by removing high-temperature heat energy near 1,000°C and preventing core meltdown accidents even if the coolant is lost. We have a track record of providing reactor internal structures and fuel handling equipment for the HTTR test reactor.
  • HTTR core support structure
  • HTTR fuel handling equipment
  • HTTR fuel handling machine
  • HTTR ex-vessel fuel transfer machine
  • HTTR spent fuel storage facility
Experimental equipment and commissioned testing
  • Large structural equipment verification test loop (HENDEL)
  • Seismic resistance testing on hearth floor
Criticality test equipment
Criticality test equipment is used to obtain the data necessary for the design, operation and safety evaluation of nuclear reactors, and it is an extremely low output nuclear reactor. We designed, manufactured and installed fast critical assembly (FCA) and deuterium critical assembly (DCA) equipment. The mating face of the FCA split core was manufactured with particularly high accuracy.
  • Criticality test equipment
Track record
  • Fast critical assembly (FCA)
  • Deuterium critical assembly (DCA)
Nuclear fusion reactor related equipment
We are developing a superconducting power transmission system (current lead, superconducting bus line) for the nuclear fusion reactor experimental facilities that are being developed worldwide as a future energy source. This is a superconducting power transmission system for the Large Helical Device of the National Institute for Fusion Science, and is a system that supplies electric power with superconducting wire from the ambient temperature end through the current lead to the terminal of the superconducting coil. The system consists of nine flexible transfer tubes.
  • Nuclear fusion facility
  • Superconducting facility
Track record
  • JT-60
  • ITER