Nuclear power technologies

Three core technologies
Remote handling
Radioactive waste treatment technology
Nuclear reactor engineering technology
Three features
Supplied waste treatment equipment for each research reactor and development reactor.
Also own proprietary volume reduction and stabilization technology for waste ion exchange resins and other materials.
Provide these facilities with optimal engineering tailored to the needs.
SIAL® advanced solidification technology (Geopolymer)
SIAL® is the only geopolymer in use industrially throughout the world as a confinement agent for radioactive waste by solidification. SIAL® is kneaded and solidified using the same system as cement, a proprietary technology of Wood Company.
  • Radioactive waste disposal facility
Example of SIAL® kneading equipment
(Photo credit: Wood Co.)

●Laboratory scale kneading procedure

  • Mixer

SIAL® is a solidifier that can be easily kneaded and features good handling properties.

Liquid waste treatment facility
The liquid waste treatment facility processes waste liquid generated at a power plant and enables it to be reused or released into the environment. We conducted verification tests using the actual scale test equipment based on technology from Siemens AG (KWU) of Germany, and then reflected the results in the design, manufacture and installation of the facility.
  • Radioactive waste disposal facility
Track record
  • Joyo experimental fast breeder reactor
  • Fugen prototype advanced thermal reactor
  • Monju prototype fast breeder reactor
Remote cutting device
When disposing of radioactive waste in a landfill, it is necessary to shred high dose radioactive waste to a particular size in order to fill a predetermined container. We can supply remote cutting technology that contributes to reduced worker exposure and higher work efficiency.
  • J-PARC