Coin Mechanism




High reliability design

Independent payout mechanism
Even if a coin gets stuck in one place, the payout can be made from an alternative tube.
  • Independent payout mechanism for improved reliability

  • Improved durability of various parts

  • High performance sensors for improved coin detection

Easy maintenance

  • Use of cassette tube structure for easy removal and mounting

  • Improved cleanability makes routine maintenance easy

  • Alert functions for preventive maintenance and fault diagnosis

  • Preventive maintenance
    Display of cleaning time and parts replacement

  • Preventive maintenance
    Display of total accepted coins and total paid out coins
    (10,000 transactions)

  • Fault diagnosis
    Display of fault codes

Version upgrades

  • Support for software version upgrades


  • Changeable tube configuration

  • Medal support

  • Built-in conversion to serial interface function

Main applications

  • Vending machines

  • Parking payment machines

  • Ticket vending machines

  • ID photo booths

  • Kiosk terminals

  • Gas station payment machiness