Bill Validator



Dimensions(600 bill type shown)


High reliability design

  • Improved transport of wrinkled bill by rollers

  • Improved reliability of various sensors

  • Self-cleaning structure (during bill transport)

  • Improved durability of various parts
    (1.5 times more durable than conventional equipment)

High performance sensors

  • Equipped with high performance sensors for improved bill validation

Easy maintenance

  • Alert functions for preventive maintenance and fault diagnosis

・Preventive maintenance
Display of total accepted bills and total paid out bills (10,000 transactions)

・Fault diagnosis
Display of fault codes

Equipped with new type DC vending mechanism
  • Parts are replaceable on a unit-by-unit basis

  • lmproved cleaning makes routine maintenance easy

Version upgrades

  • support for software version upgrades


  • storage capacity: 300 bill type, 600 bill type

  • Mounting orientation: Inverted type (standard), upright type

  • Built-in conversion to serial interface function

Main applications

  • Vending machines

  • Parking payment machines

  • Ticket vending machines

  • ID photo booths

  • Kiosk terminals

  • Gas station payment machines