Can & PET Bottle Beverage Vending Machine FAG36JGCD8OY

Can & PET Bottle Beverage Vending Machine FAG30JGCD8OY

Ideal for a Wide Variety of Can & PET Bottle Beverage Products!

  • Provides flexibility to expand product choices for sales increase

  • Equipped with interactive LCD

  • High quality with Japanese technology & engineering

  • Compliant with IEC Standard


Provides more flexibility in product choices & easy front-loading for efficient operation and maintenance work.

■ Two types of rack

Serpentine rack

Large capacity and energy-saving with zone cooling technology.

Slant rack

Allow more flexibility with size and shape of beverage products to be stored. In addition to conventional products, even long PET bottles can be loaded.



Interactive 7-inch LCD for various applications

QR code payment system

Display product price and/or credit amount

Change settings of vending machine Display URL link to operation manual



Compliant with IEC Standard