Overseas High Efficiency Regulations Compliant Motors

Three-phase Induction Motors

There has been an accelerating trend to suppress the usage of carbon dioxide (CO2) generating energy sources as a means of preventing worldwide global warming. Against this backdrop, a great change has occurred in the environment surrounding 3-phase induction motors (hereinafter "motors") since they occupy approximately 40 to 50% of the world's energy consumption. There is currently a rapid move taking place in many countries toward the adoption of regulation-compliant high-efficiency motors that meet national standards such as MEPS*.


MEPS Minimum Energy Performance Standard

Overseas High Efficiency Regulations Compliant Motor Series
For EU

The Commission Regulation
Products certified to comply with the IEC60034-1:2017<IE3>

  • Compliant with the new Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU)!

For China

China Energy Efficiency Labeling Implementation Regulations
Products certified to comply with the GB18613-2020<GB3 class>

  • Compliant with the new China RoHS Regulation!

  • Conform to CCC (China Compulsory Certification)!

(2P: 2.2kW or less)

(4P・6P: 0.75 kW or less)

For USA/Canada

Products certified to comply with the US Energy Independence and Security Act
NEMA MG1-12-12 <NEMA Premium (IE3)>/
Canada's Energy Efficiency Act
CSA C390 <Premium (IE3)>

  • Conforms to safety standards (UL/cUL recognition)!

In addition to the above countries, there are countries where the rules and regulations are applied.
For details, please refer to the home page of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.
URL : http://www.jema-net.or.jp/