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Financial InformationForecast(Japan GAAP)

(Billions of yen)

(Billions of yen)
  2022/3 2023/3 Change
Ratio to net sales Forecasts
(Jan. 26, 2023)
Ratio to net sales
Net sales 910.2 100% 985.0 100% +74.8
Operating income 74.8 8.2% 87.0 8.8% +12.2
Ordinary income 79.3 8.7% 88.0 8.9% +8.7
Profit attributable to owners of parent 58.7 6.4% 59.5 6.0% +0.8
  2022/3 2023/3 Change
Average exchange rate (US$) 112.38 135.00 +22.62
Average exchange rate (EURO) 130.56 135.00 +4.44
Average exchange rate (RMB) 17.51 19.50 +1.99

Statements made in this document to which they pertain regarding estimates or projections are forward-looking statements based on the company's judgments and assumptions in light of information currently available. Actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of uncertainties inherent in such judgments and assumptions, as well as changes in business operations or other internal or external conditions. Accordingly, the company gives no guarantee regarding the reliability of any information contained in these forward-looking statements.

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