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Procurement Policy

Fuji Electric is constantly pursuing research as well as development, of quality products and technologies, while providing first-rate products and services to both our domestic and overseas customers.
Our Procurement activities are in line with our managerial principle of fair trade. We are seeking domestic, as well as international suppliers who are competitive in key areas such as quality, price, delivery and service. Our goal is to extend relations with suppliers through open and impartial trade, and maintain a high level of mutual trust, thus allowing for such a partnership to endure for an undefined period of time.

Selection of Suppliers

Our Procurement activities are based upon open and impartial trade. Our doors are always open to new partnerships with potential suppliers.
To assure our suppliers with good business opportunities, we will respond to any quotations from suppliers, and are ready to release required corporate information that would help future partners meet their respective business needs.
We will select suppliers objectively according to the results of our evaluations, regarding the product's quality, cost, delivery and supply stability.

Confidence in Information

Fuji Electric treats information from suppliers regarding products, estimates and purchasing records, equivalent to our own, thus keeping such information in strict confidence.

Request for Business Partners

We have established a "Partner Hotline" system for officers and employees of Fuji Electric's business partners for material supply. If such an officer or employee finds an actual or suspected violation of any law or regulation or inappropriate act by Fuji Electric employees, the system will provide the officer or employee with a route of communications to report the matter to us. Please see Partner Hotline for more details on the system.

CSR Procurement

These Guidelines summarize our approach to addressing CSR which we ask Business Partners to comply with and fulfill, as well as examples of approaches, on the basis of the “Fuji Electric Corporate Code of Conduct” and the “Fuji Electric Purchasing Policy,” with reference to such documents that are expected to be used as international standards for CSR, including the Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), a business alliance promoting CSR in global supply chains, as well as the “Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct” of the Japan Electrics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).
Please understand and approve these Guidelines, and also make them widely known to your supply chains, so as to promote positive CSR activities. We would also appreciate your cooperation in CSR self-assessments which we may periodically ask you to perform under these Guidelines.

Fuji Electric Group CSR Procurement Guideline (First Edition) [ 2023/10/2UP ]
ENGLISH [ 2023/10/2UP ]

CHINESE [ 2023/10/2UP ]

Green Procurement

Fuji Electric Group will continue to promote procurement of materials with minimum environmental impact through assessment and evaluation of materials for products in accordance with the guidelines. We request our business partners' understanding and cooperation.

Fuji Electric Group Green Procurement Guideline (Sixth Edition)
ENGLISH [ 2024/02/22UP ]

Survey Form

CHINESE [ 2024/02/22UP ]

Survey Form

Declaration regarding Green Procurement





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