Electrical Equipment for Railcars

Electrical Equipment for High Speed Rail

Fuji Electric produces electrical equipment for Shinkansen (bullet) trains, contributing to the famously safe, high-speed operation of Shinkansen trains.

Propulsion System for Shinkansen

Propulsion system of our company, which is based on the latest power electronics and system control technology, offers the following features:

Technical principles

  • Reduced noise level
    To increase the comfort of passengers and people living near the tracks

  • Increased efficiency
    To achieve a high-target of reduction of energy consumption

  • Downsizing
    o produce high-strength cars by effectively using the limited space

  • Outstanding reliability
    To assure ultimate passenger safety and scheduled operation by minimizing failures

  • Maintenance saving
    To facilitate maintenance work and to prolong the interval between maintenance

Equipment of Propulsion System

Main power converter
Traction Converter-Inverter
Traction Motor
Traction Motor
Main Transformer
Main Transformer

Development for Propulsion System for Shinkansen

Fuji Electric has been manufacturing electric products for Shinkansen since 1964 (from Series 0) contributing to the high-speed operation and high reliability.