Electrical Equipment for Railcars

Auxiliary Power Supply System (APS)

Fuji Auxiliary Power Supply Line Up

Fuji's APS will be satisfied with various requirement.

Large Capacity APS for DC Cars with 3-Level Inverter

  • Less acoustic noise and less EMI with 3-level inverter

  • Larger capacity with small size

Typical specifications ;

APS for AC Cars with IGBT PWM Converter

  • More stable DC link voltage by using IGBT PWM converter

Typical specifications ;

Small Size and Light Weight APS for Small Cars

  • Medium frequency isolation system with forced-air cooling makes equipment smaller and lighter

Typical specifications ;

Ultra High Reliability APS with Stand-by Power Unit

  • APS with stand-by spare power unit. If the power unit fails, the equipment switches to the stand-by power unit and continue to supply auxiliary power

Typical specifications ;

Auxiliary power supplies of Fuji Electric have been used in various environments in the world.

Examples of Supply Areas

Singapore MRT

Examples of Specification


Belt coupilng


Hydrauilc coupling


Directc oupling