Digital Temperature Controller <PXF Series>


  • Precise control
    Achieved a processing speed of 50 ms which is 10 times faster than conventional models. Reading accuracy is also improved from ±0.5% to ±0.2%*.
    *Comparison under 0–850°C range, with RTD. See the Data Sheet for details.

  • Easy-to-see display
    MVA LCD* which offers high contrast and wide viewing angle
    Process value is displayed in white
    *Minimal translucent type vertical alignment liquid crystal display

  • Practical options
    Simple watt-hour metering function: allows you to monitor energy consumption
    Operating days alarm: tells you the appropriate time for maintenance work

  • Most compact class in industry
    36% smaller (than conventional models) and 58-mm depth shallow body helps downsize your facility

  • Universal input
    You can use any input among RTD, thermocouples, voltage, current, and mV. The set-up for input change is very easy, only requires parameter change. This allows reduction of maintenance parts.

Directly connectable to PC with optional USB cable

PXF requires no power supply because it is bus-powered.

Parameter loader interface cable



For the specifications of PXF4 socket type, refer to the data sheet.

Temperature Controllers

Digital Temperature Controller <PXF Series>

Versatile controller with bright and clear color LCD
Socket type available

  • # Color LCD
  • # Fast response ≤50 ms
  • # Universal input
  • # 58-mm depth
Digital Temperature Controller <PXR3>

*PXR4, PXR5, PXR7, and PXR9 were discontinued and replaced by PXF series. Only PXR3 is available.
Versatile model with easy-to-see LED, transfer output, communication function, and more.

  • # Standard model
  • # 2 alarm outputs
  • # 24 × 48 mm
  • # 98-mm depth
Digital Temperature Controller <PXE>

Simple and compact

  • # Simple
  • # Easy-to-operate
  • # 48 × 48 mm
  • # 62-mm depth
Digital Controller <PXH>

· Various inputs and outputs
· Highly precise and fast control
· 96 x 96 mm size

  • # High accuracy 0.1%
  • # 5-degit display
  • # Math function
  • # DI (9) , DO (9) AI (2)
Module Type Temperature Controller <PUM Series>

Rail-mount, multi-loop temperature controller comprised of control module, I/O module, and communication module

  • # 4 channels for each module
  • # Prigramless communication
  • # Extensive line-up
  • # Detachable terminal
Digital Thermostat <PXR3>

Detects overheat of thermocouples or thermistors used in various machines or equipment.

  • # Reasonably priced
  • # 24 × 48 mm
  • # Rail mount (option)
  • # 2 alarm outputs