System Configuration

MICREX-VieW XX allows scalable system building according to customer needs, from a compact system of single configuration to a high-reliability system with complete system redundancy. The lineup also includes an all-in-one station that works as an operator and database by itself, intended for a compact system. Moreover, this product can inherit much from conventional MICREX Series, allowing easy monitoring/operating of the existing control station from the new operator station as well as data coordination between new and old control stations.

Database station XDS-3000

A station that integrates and manages trends, alarms, and operation histories.

Operator station (Remote desktop connection)

This station connects to the operator station via a network (information LAN) to monitor/operate a plant remotely.

Operator station XOS-3000

A station responsible for plant monitoring and operation.

Information LAN Ethernet

A network for connecting a printer or a host system.

Control station XCS-3000

A high-speed, large-capacity and high-reliability control station for plant control. It allows both electrical machinery control and measurement control to be performed with a single unit.

Engineering station XES-3000

A station responsible for engineering and maintenance of the screens and control station.

Network adapter

Various types of network can be connected including our legacy networks such as DPCS-F, PE-link, and T-link and open networks such as FL-net.

Control LAN FL-net Ver.3-compliant LAN

A backbone network for the system connecting the operator station, database station and control station.

Remote I/O E-SX I/O

A high-speed, 100 Mbps E-SX bus has been adopted for I/O network. Modules can be selected from wide range of lineup.

Remote I/O IPU-Ⅱ

A highly reliable remote I/O module that enables duplication of not only the power supply and I/O network but also the I/O module itself.

Plant Operation Assistance System

Solving the problems of “skill transfer” and “productivity improvement.” Supports plant operations and contributes to improved on-site capabilities.

Plant Playback System

The Plant Playback System plays back the operating conditions at the time of an abnormality based on the monitoring data collected according to a time series in order to reduce analysis work and quickly investigate causes.