High inheritability

Using the existing assets effectively

MICREX-VieW XX can inherit much from the conventional MICREX Series. You can use the existing assets effectively during system updating to ensure switchover to a highly reliable system. This contributes to further stable and safe plant operation.

Inheritance of existing application assets

Since the system can inherit the existing system's panels and the control station application assets, it can be updated to a highly reliable system within a short period.

Inheritance of existing hardware assets

Reduces wiring work and shortens construction periods by enabling connection with existing Fuji Electric system networks (DPCS-F, PE-link) and existing I/O networks via network adapters.

Step-by-step update

Since the modules can be connected seamlessly with the existing system, the system can be updated in a stepwise manner.

HCI: Operator station or database station
CTL: Control station
I/O: Remote I/O