High reliability

Contiunuous operation rate improvement through full redundancy

The MICREX-VieW XX achieves better reliability by providing redundancy for all system components, including operator stations, control stations, power supplies, control LANs, and I/O networks.

E-SX bus loop

The E-SX bus supports line looping. In the event of a transmission line failure, the system maintains operation without having to initiate its redundancy features. It eliminates the need to perform complicated tasks, such as checking plant control and recovery point behavior, through redundant system switchover.
Furthermore, when performing maintenance work at times of failed cable replacement, connector detachment, etc., the system maintains reliable dropout-free operations and achieves maintainability and availability (Coming soon).

I/O redundancy

High-reliability I/O is an E-SX bus interface I/O configuration that enables module pair redundancy and node pair redundancy. In the event of an I/O module failure, module replacement and maintenance is performed for each node (baseboard on which the I/O module is mounted) where the failed module is mounted. In the case of module pair redundancy, it enables continuous operations by performing module replacement and maintenance with power on. In the case of node pair redundancy, since redundancy is configured with two nodes (a pair), it enables easy module replacement and maintenance by turning off the power supply of the node undergoing maintenance.

HART communication compliant

Compliant with the HART communication standard for the HART protocol. Supports maintainability of field devices and stability of plant operations (Coming soon).

Standardization of I/O panel wiring

External terminal I/O direct configuration eliminates internal wiring. Also enables conventional cabling to support various installation environments. Shortens construction period during switchover through reuse of existing terminal blocks. Furthermore, decreases costs through node reduction via high-density mounting of I/O modules.