Monitoring / operation functions

The operator station has achieved excellent visibility and operability through the adoption of Fuji Electric's original multi-window platform*1.


Middleware providing screen functions such as multi-window and multi-display. On the multi-window platform, screen applications can be operated individually, and screen functions can be added, updated and deleted easily.

Features of MICREX-VieW XX (Video)

Excellent visibility

The screen supports full HD display (1,920 x 1,080) and up to four display units can be connected per operator station. The screen uses basic colors based on the color universal design to prevent false recognition and easy-to-identify icons, which ensures excellent visibility.

Cooperation with Windows® applications

Microsoft Office®, Adobe Reader® and other Windows® applications can be started from the operation screen. You can analyze data while monitoring/operating a plant.

Quick troubleshooting

The integrated history screen that merges alarm and operation histories provides various sort and search functions to allow quick analysis of problem factors.

Excellent operability

Up to eight operation screens can be displayed as windows or tabs. The size and layout of the display can be changed as desired. The layout of the instrument diagrams on the group screen can also be changed as desired, so that operators can use their suitable layout for operation. Moreover, the trend screen allows enlarging/reducing the point of interest with easy mouse operation, offering excellent operability.

  • Multi-window display

Multi-window display
  • Split display

Split display
  • Enlarged/reduced screen display

Enlarged/reduced screen display
  • Group screen: Free layout switching of instrument diagrams

Group screen: Free layout switching of instrument diagrams
  • Trend screen: Enlarged/reduced display