Engineering function

The engineering station integrated the engineering environments of the HCI*3 (screen, database) and control station. It also has full functionality such as parts packages and machine-less simulation function to provide an effective engineering environment.


Human Communication Interface (operator station, database station)

Integrated engineering environment

The engineering environments of the HCI and control station have been integrated. This has achieved the vertical cooperation of HCI engineering and control station engineering through integrated management of TAG and the horizontal cooperation of engineering between control stations through integrated management of inter-station communication memory. There are also various excellent operation functions for effective engineering, such as drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste from a program tree and exporting/importing definitions.

Machine-less simulation

By using the simulator, you can configure system devices such as the control station and operator station on the PC and operate them. For example, you can check the function that combines the control station control function and screen function while simulating I/O signals, or check the data of inter-station communication, without using actual machines. This allows efficient and high-quality engineering.

IEC 61131-3 compliant

The engineering tool for the control station (Expert D300win) supports five program representations that conform to the IEC 61131-3 international standard (JIS B3503), allowing engineering using best combination.

Supported representations

IL(Instruction List), LD(Ladder Diagram}, FBD(Function Block Diagram), ST(Structure Text), SFC(Sequential Function Chart)

High-efficiency engineering tool HEART-BELIEVE-ESPER/SELECT (optional)

You can automatically convert control function specifications created with familiar general purpose OA software such as Excel® or Visio® into the format of the control station software. Then you can monitor the running status of the control station on the control function specification for easy-to-handle efficient engineering from specification study to design, test, and post-delivery maintenance.