Control functions

High-capacity and high-speed plant control

The control station has achieved high-speed control with minimum cycle of 1 ms as well as large capacity and high reliability. Integrating electrical machinery control and measurement control allows building of high-reliability plant control system despite compact configuration.

Control station XCS-3000
High-reliability CPU

A 1 GHz dual-core processor has been adopted for the CPU, achieving high-speed control with minimum cycle of 1 ms. This allows both high-speed electrical machinery control and high-functional measurement control to be performed with a single unit.
The CPU module has adopted multi-processor configuration architecture. It also provides advanced communication performance with scheduling technology to perform network processing concurrently with arithmetic processing of application programs.

Large-capacity memory

The control station includes large-capacity memory consisting of 512K steps of program memory and 2,368Kwords of data memory. Up to 4,096 words (32 nodes) of I/O can be connected per station.

High-speed LAN

The CPU module contains a 1 Gbps Ethernet-based control LAN, equalized bus, and 1 Gbps/100 Mbps Ethernet-based I/O network. With CPU processing scheduling technology, these high-speed LANs have achieved higher communication performance.

  1. 1.

    Control LAN

    The adoption of an FL-net Ver.3-compliant LAN allows high-speed and large-capacity data communication as well as the support for redundancy.

  2. 2.

    Equalized bus

    Large-capacity equalization technology enables high-speed transfer of large data, resulting in the achievement of full-range equalization of application data.

  3. 3.

    Network adapter bus

    A high-speed LAN for a network adapter to be connected with Fuji Electric's legacy networks or other different networks.

  4. 4.

    E-SX bus

    A high-speed I/O network supporting redundancy.

Control station XCS-3000
High-reliability CPU

The CPU supports redundancy. The adoption of ECC (with error detection/correction function) memory and the enhancement of RAS function have achieved a high-reliability control station.

Remote I/O lineup for various applications

[ High-reliability I/O ]

The I/O network uses a 100 Mbps E-SX bus and inherits the features and specifications of existing I/O networks. Furthermore, the XCS-3000 control station supports mixed mounting with [E-SX I/O].
Moreover, this is highly reliable I/O that enables power supply redundancy, I/O network redundancy, and I/O module redundancy (module pair or node pair redundancy).

RHigh-reliability I/O

[ E-SX I/O ]

The I/O network uses a 100 Mbps E-SX bus and can be mounted to an XCS-3000 control station. In addition to I/O networks, communication modules such as Ethernet and RS-232C can be selected for mounted modules. It also enables power supply redundancy and I/O network redundancy.

Various network connections
Network adapter

The network adapter connects the control station to up to four networks, including our legacy networks such as DPCS-F, PE-link, or T-link and open networks such as FL-net. Moreover, the network adapter can also be redundant together with the control station, which enables building of a highly reliable system.

Supported networks
DPCS-F, FL-net Ver.2-compliant LAN, PE-link, T-link (IPU-Ⅰ, FTU, FTK), Ethernet EPAP (IPU-Ⅱ)

Supporting global standards

The control station complies with CE marking and UL as standard.

High security

As a response to the domestic and international efforts toward higher security, the control station is currently being redesigned to support ISASecure EDSA (Embedded Device Security Assurance).