Programing Support Tool Standard

Programming Support Tool: NP4H-SWN SX-Programmer Standard

Multi-language support

The SPH supports not only ladder diagrams but also ST and FBD. It allows the programmer to select the proper programming language for the control target.

Intuitive screen operation

Through guidance display and a command word candidate narrowing-down function based on a keyword search, you can input data without referring to the manual.
You can select the proper input mode according to the situation from functions such as mouse wheel + click input, keyword search input, and Intellisense function input.

Simulation function

Provided with built-in Standard, the SPH is capable of testing the operation of programs without using an actual system.

Resume function

When the SPH starts to run, it automatically displays the position last edited or monitored.
In online mode, the SPH displays the position last monitored and starts monitoring.
In offline mode, the SPH displays the position last monitored and enters Edit mode.

Device editor and collation function

Device information is displayed on a single screen, for example, in the form of a list of the operating states of devices, enabling you to save time in memory management.
You can display details of different points on programs and edit by referring to collation results.


Ladder operation for on-site maintenance personnel

Supports the full keyboard operations useful for on-site maintenance personnel. Editing and download can be performed immediately after activation.

Utilization of programming resources

Program and comment resources of the models MICREXF series and FLEX-PC series of Fuji Electric can be reused. Screens, operability, and programming can be handled as if you were using a personal computer loader with which you are already familiar.