Hollow shaft type geared motor (MHX)

Geared Motors MHX Series
200 V class/400 V class

One-week production product
(Note) For Semi-standard specification, two-week production product

Production not possible

This map is designed for Japan.
Products conforming to the EC Directive for the European market (with the CE marking) only support the semistandard specification (output: 0.2 to 7.5 kW).

1 Standard specification


With regard to 400 V class models having a brake, it is necessary to install a single-winding transformer of at least 100 VA (200 V input) on the primary side of the power module (brake power supply).

2 Semi-standard Specification

1. Terminal Box Type Change


For models without a brake having the * sign written above, as well as leg mounting types and models with an output of 0.1 to 0.4 kW, a portion of the standard specification is supported.

2. Possible to change to a 90° pitch for the terminal box mounting position.

3. Outdoor specification (Without Brake)


Consult with your nearest sales department regarding compatibility with outdoor types having a brake.

4. EC Directive (CE marking)


This corresponds to a steel strip terminal box for types having no brake. (Output 0.1 to 0.4 kW)