AC Adjustable Speed Drive

With their high efficiency and high power factor, Fuji Electric's Medium-voltage inverters contribute significantly to cost reduction and energy conservation.
Our inverter products are applicable in a wide range of fields from plants to general industry and feature superior ease of maintenance.

AC motor control devices

Small-to-medium capacity DC link inverters FRENIC4000 Series

Ideal inverters for facilities using a large number of small-to-medium capacity motors.
Applications: steel, non-ferrous metals, paper, general industrial, etc.

Medium-to-large capacity DC link inverters FRENIC4400 Series

Ideal inverters for facilities using medium-to-large capacity motors such as rolling mills
Applications: rolling mills, winding machines, etc.

Medium-voltage direct output inverters FRENIC4600 Series

Ideal inverters for energy-saving operation of medium-voltage motors
Applications: fans, blowers, pumps, extruders, etc.

Fuji Electric Adjustable Speed Drives

This is Fuji Electric's lineup of medium-voltage inverters.
With models compatible with a wide range of capacities, our inverters can be used in a variety of applications including steel, paper, and general industrial fields.