Product information | Best vector control for the general-purpose inverter in the class

Best vector control for the general-purpose inverter in the class
Ideal for highly accurate control such as positioning
PG vector control

Effective in providing highly accurate control for applications such as printing press

Speed control range: 1:1500
Speed response: 100Hz
Speed control accuracy: ±0.01%
Current response: 500Hz
Torque accuracy: ±10%


The option card is required separately.


The above specifications may vary depending on the environment or conditions for use.

Fuji’s original dynamic torque vector control has further evolved.

Besides the dynamic torque vector control, the inverter is equipped with the motor constant tuning for compensating even a voltage error of the main circuit devices and the magnetic flux observer of a new system. This realizes a high starting torque of 200% even at a low-speed rotation of 0.3Hz.

Improved durability in overload operation

The inverter performs short-time acceleration and deceleration with the maximum capacity by extending the time specification of overload current ratings compared with our previous models. This improves the operation efficiency of the equipment such as cutting machine or conveyance machine.
Overload durability: 200% for 3 sec and 150% for 1 min.

The standard model is available in two specifications concerning the operation load.

Expanded capacity for the braking circuit built-in type

A braking circuit is built in the 22kW or smaller models as standard. These inverters are applicable to the machine that uses regenerative load such as a vertical conveyance machine.
(The 7.5kW or smaller models also incorporate a braking resistor.)


The inverters with built-in braking circuit are available on request for 30kW to 160kW models in 400V series.

Maximizing the performance of a general-purpose motor
Speed sensor-less vector control

Useful for the application that requires a high starting torque, such as the gondola type multi-level car parking tower

Speed control range: 1:200
Speed response: 20Hz
Speed control accuracy: ±0.5%
Current response: 500Hz
Torque accuracy: ±10%

Improved reaction to the fluctuation of impact load

When a remarkable load fluctuation occurs, the inverter provides the torque response in the class-top level. It controls the flux to minimize the fluctuation in the motor speed while suppressing the vibration. This function is best suited for the equipment that requires stable speed such as a cutting machine.

Quicker response to the operation commands

The terminal response to the operation commands has had an established reputation. FRENIC-MEGA has further shortened this response time, achieving the industry-top response time.
This function is effective in shortening the tact time per cycle and effective for use in the process including frequent repetitions.