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Environment and panel design
Side-by-side installation saves space!

If multiple inverter units are to be used in a panel and the panel is designed accordingly, it is possible to mount these inverters side-by-side horizontally, so the panel can be designed to take up less space. (5.5kW or lower capacity inverters)

Built-in in rush current suppressing resistors help reduce peripheral equipment capacities!

When the FRENIC-Eco series (Fuji's FRENIC-Mini Series and 11 Series) is used, the in rush current suppressing resistors built into the inverter as standard equipment suppress in rush current when motors are started, so compared to operation of motors with direct input, peripheral equipment with reduced capacity can be selected.

Cooling outside the panel is made possible by an external cooling attachment!

Use of the external cooling attachment (optional on 30kW or smaller inverters and standard on 37kW or larger inverters) to cool the inverter outside the panel makes it possible to install a simple cooling system outside the panel.